The Revolut experience goes beyond mobile to also deliver web services such as our main Revolut site, the Revolut Business site, the customer Web App, the internal back office system, the support services chat, and a whole host of other small projects. Our web developers work hard behind the scenes to deliver an excellent experience — read on to discover how they work.

Web tech stack

To create and support such a wide range of complex web solutions, we use a variety of technologies and tools, including:

  • React, the fundamental library for building UI;

Many Revolut users manage their financial life in our iOS app. Let’s take a look behind the scenes of the iOS development at Revolut ― how we deliver outstanding financial services and smooth user experience on any iOS device.

Release train

We have three apps for iOS: Revolut, Revolut Junior and Revolut Business, updated in the App Store on a weekly basis. We work on the principles of continuous integration/continuous delivery to produce new functionality for users fast — as soon as a feature or part of it is ready.

Our Android team specialises in delivering our iconic app to millions of Android customers around the world. They work on three products — Revolut for personal customers, Revolut Junior, and Revolut Business. The 70-strong team splits their work across two streams:

Under the Hood: Engineering at Revolut

Revolut’s success since its 2015 foundation is in no small part due to the dedicated team of engineers who have built our app from the ground up. From Backend to Mobile, Revolut’s engineers are dedicated to delivering a seamless experience to all our customers around the world. Through our strong interpersonal relationships, we encourage organic personal and professional development within the engineering function, and it all starts with how we approach engineering at Revolut. In this article, you’ll learn about

  • How the team works,

How the Engineering Team at Revolut Works


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A hand-crafted card designed for a global spending lifestyle

To launch our premium service, we created several variations of the Revolut card which feature subtle, modest and thoughtful design choices to achieve a modern, minimal feel that suits the bold Revolut brand. Premium users have the choice to select from four unique custom designs in subtle, metallic colours — black, silver and rose gold.

Premium Rose Gold Card & Packaging

To further emphasise the exclusive nature of the service, the branding has been stripped-down to a single “R” in the top right-hand corner, applied with a printing process known as foil blocking, normally used for the Mastercard hologram.

For added privacy, the 16-digit card number…


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